Design proposals for the Rail Baltica section in Kaunas region were presented to the residents

To ensure that the public gets acquainted with the Rail Baltica design proposals, the Spanish company IDOM responsible for the detailed technical design of the Rail Baltica railway section Kaunas – Ramygala, presented the design solutions to the public for the section located in the city of Ka...
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Take a look at the outline of the upcoming Rail Baltica station at the departure terminal of Riga Airport

From now on, travelers will be able to see what Rail Baltica station and its related infrastructure at Riga Airport will look like in the future in the gallery between departure sectors B and C.
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The winners of the children's drawing competition "My future Rail Baltica train in Riga" have been awarded

On Wednesday, June 1, International Children's Day, the winners of the drawing competition "My Future Rail Baltica Train in Riga" were awarded. The drawing competition was organized by the constructiopn company BERERIX together with the national implementer of the Rail Baltica project...
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The importance of Rail Baltica is growing and so as the need for faster project implementation

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Delegation of French embassies visits the Rail Baltica construction site

On May 11 a delegation of the Baltic and Polish embassies visited Rail Baltica construction site at the Riga Central station Riga to get acquainted with the progress of the new railway project.
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Construction work on the Rail Baltica section towards the Latvian border begins

On 20 April, a symbolic road sign denoting the construction work has been installed in Čiūdai Village (Jonava District), which marks the official start of construction of the Rail Baltica railway infrastructure towards the Latvian border – the construction of access roads.
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