Kaunas Intermodal Terminal connected to the European rail network

The main work for the Rail Baltica project’s Kaunas-Palemonas section has been completed with the laying of the final European standard gauge rails to connect directly the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal to the European railway network.
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Muuga freight station of Rail Baltica is to be designed by SWECO Projekt AS

A contract with SWECO Projekt AS for the design of Rail Baltica’s largest and only port-connected   freight station was concluded today, its construction due to begin in early 2022.
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Design proposals for section Žeimiai-Šėta will be presented

Spain’s IDOM responsible for detailed technical design of Rail Baltica section Kaunas-Ramygala will present design proposals in Jonava county on the 19th of August.
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Preparations underway for construction of Rail Baltica railway depots

Planning has begun for new depot development territories intended to service the Rail Baltica railway. The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, AB Lietuvos Geležinkelių Infrastruktūra (LTG Infra) and service provider UAB Atamis have signed a contract, based on which...
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Kõrvek: Conducting Rail Baltica’s environmental impact assessment discussions electronically has proven itself useful

In June, four public consultations on the environmental impact assessment regarding the Rail Baltica project took place in an online environment due to social-distancing requirements. “Gathering people’s opinions is also possible in this way and it yields meaningful results,” admit...
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Geotechnical works are to begin on the Rail Baltica section from Tootsi to Ikla

Geotechnical work will commence in July on the Rail Baltica section from Tootsi to Ikla. Over the course of almost two years of work, the geotechnical properties of the subsoil of the railway and related facilities will be determined.
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