Design proposals for the Rail Baltica section in Kaunas region were presented to the residents

To ensure that the public gets acquainted with the Rail Baltica design proposals, the Spanish company IDOM responsible for the detailed technical design of the Rail Baltica railway section Kaunas – Ramygala, presented the design solutions to the public for the section located in the city of Kaunas and its district.

"Presentation of design proposals to the public is a key element in implementing the Rail Baltica project. When introducing residents to project solutions, we listen and take into account their expectations. Only with cooperation with residents, we will be able to move to the next important stage in this section - constructions," says Marius Narmontas, head of the Lithuanian branch of RB Rail AS.


The length of the planned railway line in the territory of Kaunas city municipality will reach about 850 m. This line will be single-track and will connect the main Rail Baltica railway line with the Kaunas intermodal terminal located at the Palemonas railway station.


Meanwhile, the Rail Baltica section planned in the Kaunas district will cover 2 communities – Neveronys and Karmėlava. The length of the planned new railway line in the territory of the Kaunas district municipality will reach about 5.5 km.


The length of noise-reducing barriers in the Kaunas region will stretch 1.7 km. In this section, two intersections of the railway line at different levels are planned: road no. 1918 and pedestrian and bicycle tunnels. An additional 1 km branch to the freight terminal is also being designed to connect the main line with Palemonas station.


Rail Baltica is a greenfield rail transport infrastructure project with the goal to integrate the Baltic States in the European rail network. The project includes five European Union countries – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and indirectly also Finland. The total length of the Rail Baltica railway line in the Baltic countries reaches 870 km: in Lithuania - 392 km, in Latvia - 265 km, in Estonia - 213 km.


The design proposals for the section in the Kaunas district can be found here:


The design proposals for the section in the city of Kaunas can be found here: 




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