Design proposals for Rail Baltica section Šėta-Ramygala will be presented

Spain’s company IDOM responsible for the detailed technical design of Rail Baltica section Kaunas – Ramygala will present design proposals in Panevėžys district on the 23rd of March.   The length of the new planned 1435 mm gauge Rail Baltica railway line in Panevėžys district...
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Construction of Rail Baltica viaducts will begin from Rapla County

At a time when one of the largest road viaducts crossing the Rail Baltica railway in Saustinõmme will soon be completed, Rail Baltic Estonia announced the construction procurements for the next objects.
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The Start of Construction of Rail Baltica Central Hub in Riga

Construction of Rail Baltica Central Hub in Riga has begun as expected – in November 2020, while strictly following all restrictive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. On 23 November 2020, the newly developed building site of the Central Hub in Riga was formally opened by Agnis Driksna, C...
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Kaunas Intermodal Terminal connected to the European rail network

The main work for the Rail Baltica project’s Kaunas-Palemonas section has been completed with the laying of the final European standard gauge rails to connect directly the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal to the European railway network.
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Muuga freight station of Rail Baltica is to be designed by SWECO Projekt AS

A contract with SWECO Projekt AS for the design of Rail Baltica’s largest and only port-connected   freight station was concluded today, its construction due to begin in early 2022.
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Design proposals for section Žeimiai-Šėta will be presented

Spain’s IDOM responsible for detailed technical design of Rail Baltica section Kaunas-Ramygala will present design proposals in Jonava county on the 19th of August.
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