Design proposals for section Žeimiai-Šėta will be presented

Spain’s IDOM responsible for detailed technical design of Rail Baltica section Kaunas-Ramygala will present design proposals in Jonava county on the 19th of August.

The section Žeimiai-Šėta is 17,7 km long includes 3 road viaducts, 1 passing loop, 2 large and 9 small animal passages that will ensure that they will be able to safely cross underneath the railway.



Roads Žeimiai-Liepiai, Kėdainiai-Šėta-Ukmergė and one local road will intersect with the railway via overpasses. There will be no single level crossings throughout the whole Rail Baltica line to guarantee security of the railway and people.  


Four local roads will be closed in this section. To cross the railway, people will be able to use 3 road crossings, on average every 5 kilometers in this section.   


This section also includes 1 regional stop at Pasraučiai. It will be up to Lithuanian government to manage and develop these services on a later stage.


The public can get acquainted with design proposals online at or The public hearing will take place in Jonava city municipality on the 19th of August at 17:00 (Adomas Kulvietis hall, Žeimių str. 13, Jonava, Lithuania).


The detailed technical design for section Kaunas-Ramygala will be finished in 2021. Lithuanian railways had already begun preparations for the construction services tender. Construction is also expected to begin in 2021.


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