Design proposals for Rail Baltica section Šėta-Ramygala will be presented

Spain’s company IDOM responsible for the detailed technical design of Rail Baltica section Kaunas – Ramygala will present design proposals in Panevėžys district on the 23rd of March.


The length of the new planned 1435 mm gauge Rail Baltica railway line in Panevėžys district is 12.7 km.


Roads will cross the railway via viaducts to ensure access to towns. Also, noise barriers will be installed in Daniūnai, Mėtytiniai, and Pamiškiai villages to protect the population from noise. According to the preliminary design the railway line will cross three roads: one regional road Žeimiai - Liepiai, one local gravel road, and one national road Kėdainiai - Šėta - Ukmergė.


According to the preliminary design, a regional passenger station is planned in Ramygala. To ensure the migration of mammals, 2 ecoducts, 4 animal passages, and 4 amphibian crossings are planned. The entire railway section is fenced to protect the animals from entering the railway area. Also, where possible, planting trees and shrubs is envisaged.


Public hearings are important to ensure that residents can conveniently learn about proposed design solutions and submit their questions and proposals. A constructive dialogue between the project developer and the public is expected by ensuring that the broadcast is accessible to all.


The public can get acquainted with design proposals online at Panevėžys district municipality or The public hearing will take place on the 23rd of March at 4 PM remotely. Everybody can join the meeting here:


The detailed technical design for section Kaunas - Ramygala will be finished in 2021. LTG Infra had already begun preparations for the construction services tender. Construction is also expected to begin in 2021.




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