Development of the value engineering design for the Tootsi–Pärnu section of the Rail Baltica project has been completed

The RB Rail AS’s cooperation partner, the consortium Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH (Germany) and Prointec S. A (Spain), has completed the development of the value engineering design for the 36-kilometer section of the Rail Baltica railway from Tootsi to Pärnu, detailing the location of the railway and the solutions for the crossings. This sub-section is part of the 93.5-kilometer section from Tootsi to the Latvian state border.



“This project section is important for both Rail Baltica and Pärnu municipality, as through international passenger and stations it will certainly contribute to the further development of the region,” said RB Rail AS project manager Kaur Laansalu.


Key elements of this section are the following: intersection with Rääma bog, three ecoducts, two wildlife crossings, six segragated crossings for pedestrians, nine segragated road crossings crossings, two railway bridges, one railway overpass, and about 50 railway culverts.


This section includes one international passenger station in Pärnu, freight station and two regional stations – Tootsi and Urge (previously named Kilksama). The regional stations are developed by the Rail Baltic Estonia OÜ.


The solutions of the section will be further refined in the master design and detailed technical design, as well as in the environmental impact assessment that will be carried out at the same time.


The master design will be completed in 2021, the detailed technical design and environmental impact assessment in 2022.


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