Construction of Rail Baltica viaducts will begin from Rapla County

At a time when one of the largest road viaducts crossing the Rail Baltica railway in Saustinõmme will soon be completed, Rail Baltic Estonia announced the construction procurements for the next objects.

"There is a great interest in the construction of various Rail Baltica facilities," said Tõnu Grünberg, Chairman of the Board of Rail Baltic Estonia. "Since, in addition to the construction prices, time is also an extremely important component of our project, we organize the procurement of railway facilities through a so-called dynamic procurement system, which allows us to significantly reduce bureaucracy and move faster with construction."


14 construction companies from Estonia and elsewhere have joined the procurement system and thus have the opportunity to compete in construction procurements. In addition, it can be noticed that in order to participate in the construction procurements related to the construction of Rail Baltica, several construction companies have joined the procurement system with joint applications.


As part of a dynamic procurement system, three different facilities will be procured for the multi-level crossings of the future railway line of Rail Baltica, all of which will be located in Rapla County, Kohila Parish.


In the spring of next year, it will become clear which construction companies will start building the overpasses of Tagadi tee and Künka tee and the Loone ecoduct. In addition to the Loone green bridge, another ecoduct is planned in Kohila municipality, which will be located in Urge and the procurement of which will start as planned in the coming months.


The total length of the Tagadi tee road overpass will be 73 meters and the Künka tee overpass will be 53 meters. The width of the Loone ecoduct is planned to be 75 meters. For all sites, construction works should start in the summer of 2021 and be completed by the autumn of 2023 at the latest.


According to Arto Lille, project manager of Rail Baltic Estonia Rapla County facilities and the main route, traffic will be reorganized during the construction period in such a way that it does not cause greater inconvenience to local municipality residents. "Roads will remain open to traffic and diversions may be short-term," Lille confirmed.


The construction volume of the first package, published in the Public Procurement Register last month, is 60 million euros. 7 overpasses and 7 ecoducts will be built within the procurement in the next three years. In parallel, the Road Administration will also start procuring the construction of facilities related to Rail Baltica. The first object will be the Assaku overpass, where the Rail Baltica railway crosses the Tallinn-Tartu highway and is thus one of the largest crossroads on the route.


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