The environmental impact assessment programme of the detailed technical design project for the Soodevahe–Muuga section has been recognised as compliant

RB Rail AS has completed the environmental impact assessment (EIA) programme of the detailed technical design for Soodevahe–Muuga section on the Rail Baltica line. The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority has assessed it as compliant.


“In the Tallinn–Rapla section of the Rail Baltic railway route, all three environmental impact assessment programmes of detailed technical designs have been assessed as compliant. This confirms that we are aware and have well considered of potential environmental risks from the construction and operation of the railway, and other associated impacts. When implementing the detailed technical design and master design, we will take into account the requirements and mitigation measures arising from the environmental impact assessment. This means that we can minimize risks related to the construction of the railway,” explained RB Rail AS project manager Sten Berezin.


This railway section covers 12 kilometers from Soodevahe village to Muuga, passing through the territories of Rae and Jõelähtme municipalities and the town of Maardu. This route section is designed for freight only and for speeds up to 120 kilometers per hour. Most of the Soodevahe–Muuga tracks run in the same corridor as the existing Estonian Railway.


Soodevahe node was also added to the programme. This will be the point where passenger and freight traffic on the main line can be connected or diverged to the directions of Muuga or Ülemiste stations.  The node is designed only for freight transport and handling of merchandise (including railway materials) and is therefore connected with the Rail Baltica route section Soodevahe–Muuga. Necessary infrastructure, facilities and buildings are also going to be designed to fulfill the functions of infrastructure and dry port in the Soodevahe node.


The EIA programme is the first phase of the environmental impact assessment. RB Rail AS has an obligation to submit a completed report to the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority for public display within two years. Until then, interested parties will be able to access the approved environmental impact assessment programme of the detailed technical design here: https: //www. project/Document collection/


The EIA programme has been prepared in collaboration between Spanish engineering company IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture and Skepast & Puhkim OÜ, a leading Estonian infrastructure, planning and environmental consultancy.


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