On 15 July the Rail Baltica design proposals in Pasvalys district will be presented

To ensure that the general public gets acquainted with the Rail Baltica design proposals for the Pasvalys district, the Spanish engineering company IDOM, that is also responsible for the detailed technical design of the Rail Baltica railway section “Ramygala - Lithuanian/Latvian state border”, will present the design solutions for two sections which are located in Pasvalys district: „Berčiūnai - Joniškėlis“ and „Joniškėlis - Vaškai“. Public presentation will take place online on 15 July 2021 at 4 p.m.


The total length of the planned 1435 mm gauge Rail Baltica section „Berčiūnai - Joniškėlis“ in Pasvalys district is 18,8 km. To ensure better accessibility and connectivity, six intersections with local and state roads are planned. Rail Baltica conceptional regional station in Joniškėlis is also planned in this section.


The total length of the Rail Baltica section „Joniškėlis - Vaškai“ in Pasvalys district is 18,6 km. Nine intersections with local and state roads are planned. According to the design solutions, a cross-border railway viaduct over the Mūša river with a length of 256 m is planned.


To ensure compliance with environmental protection principles, noise barriers, green bridges and animal passages, incl. amphibians, in both sections, are planned. Additionally, the entire railway section is going to be fenced to ensure human safety and protect the animals from entering the railway area. Where possible, planting trees and shrubs is envisaged.


„The project is at the advanced design phase. “Ramygala – Lithuanian/Latvian state border” is divided into 4 sections. The public is already acquainted with the design proposals in two of them, in the remaining 2 sections – Ramygala – Berčiūnai and Vaškai – Lithuanian/Latvian border the project proposals are planned to be presented to the public by the middle of autumn this year.,“ says Marius Narmontas, RB Rail AS Branch manager in Lithuania.


Presentation on the design solutions for the Rail Baltica section „Berčiūnai – Joniškėlis“ and „Joniškėlis – Vaškai“ will be available to everybody and broadcasted online on 15 July 4 p.m. in MS Teams site here: https://bit.ly/3yPuFVu


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